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Pet Portal


We provide:

  • Outpatient medicine and preventive care, including vaccinations and parasite control
  • Nutritional and behavioral counseling
  • Anesthesia made as safe as possible through modern gas and injectable medications and complete patient monitoring including EKG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure and respiratory monitoring
  • Routine surgical procedures, as well as soft tissue and orthopedic repair and minimally invasive laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques.  Now including Laser surgery to minimize pain, bleeding and recovery time. (click here to view our surgical standards)
  • Complete radiographic and ultrasound capabilities, including echocardiograms, dental and exotic pet techniques
  • Laboratory diagnostics, both in-hospital and by outside specialty laboratories
  • Dental programs including checkups, cleanings, and even root canals and restorations, as well as comprehensive preventive counseling
  • Hospitalization for medical and surgical cases, as well as referral to Diley Hill, MedVet and MedVet Hilliard, or Ohio State for emergency and critical care
  • Reproductive procedures and counseling

Preventive Health Care

The First Year

We provide immunization and parasite control for neonatal through adolescent pets.  Behavior consultation is also an important part of bonding the new pet into the household.  Nutritional guidance is very helpful in maintaining good health.


Continued immunizations, parasite control, nutrition and behavioral recommendations as well as preventive dental care are the corner stone of continued health.


As advancing age creeps up on our friends, new and sometimes breed/species specific concerns appear.  More frequent visits, specific laboratory and other monitoring such as glaucoma and blood pressure screening become needed.  Nutritional needs change and control of excess weight become important.  Also behavior changes and other problems like arthritis can be helped with new medicines.

Nontraditional Pets

Birds, reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and even chinchillas are more popular than ever.  Each species has its own problems and diseases.  The doctors are continually adding to their expertise through books, journals and continuing education.

Aquaculture and Aquatic Medicine

Dr. White currently is offering fish diagnostics and medicine which includes both in hospital and on-site work-ups.  The time available for on-site work is limited so call ahead.  Several years of study and weeks of intense continuing education courses are behind our entry into this new field.  Aquarium owners, pond keepers and aquaculturists may all benefit from the services we provide. Water testing, microscopic diagnostics, reference labs (Ohio Dept. of Ag., ADDL) and anesthesia and surgery are all offered.  We can even arrange inspection and testing for Health Certification for fish shipments.  Call to find out more.


Cats continue to gain popularity due to their self sufficient attitude and the ability to be left alone for longer periods of time.  They do present problems because of their very different metabolism.  They are sensitive to many chemicals and drugs that are safe in people, dogs and many other pets, but can be lethal in cats.  We are members of the Cornell Feline Health Center.  This provides us with timely news of research data long before it appears in journals or texts- Just another way we prepare to do the best we can for your pet.  Also we have now gone exclusively to Laser declawing techniques.


Dogs remain a large part of our practice because despite the necessary effort and sacrifice, many people will accept no other animal as their pet.  The bond these owners have with "man's best friend" is undeniable.  We do our best to acquire the latest texts and read the proven professional journals. 

Emergency and Critical Care

Our doctors decided the best way to cover emergencies for our clients after office hours is to use these four services, MedVet, Ohio State University Emergency, Capital Veterinary Referral and Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center. All are staffed 24/7 and holidays and have specialty doctors available in most cases for any contingency.

This level of service results in higher fees than day rates at our clinic.  However, if we tried to provide the same level of care and monitoring on nights and weekends at our clinic, our fees would be even higher.  In short, for all but the most minor emergencies, the doctors, the equipment, and the experience make these facilities the best place to go.

Should a patient at our hospital require more care and monitoring than we can provide an a 24 hour basis, the option of transferring the case for evening or weekend care through these facilities can be arranged.

An added advantage is that our doctors are fresh and rested to give your pet the best possible care when it is transferred back to our facility the next morning.

Advanced Services

When a disease problem is detected in your pet, our state of the art equipment allows us to provide the finest care possible.  If it involves medicine, our diagnostic, laboratory and monitoring machines keep us on top of your pets condition.  If surgical intervention is required we have capability to do conventional soft tissue and orthopedic techniques with thorough anesthesia monitoring as well as minimally invasive techniques through use of rigid and flexible endoscopic equipment.  The new Laser surgery addition shows our commitment to keeping up with the state of the art.

Here in central Ohio, we also have the option of utilizing the Ohio State University, School of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital as well as a few private specialty groups like MedVet and Capital Veterinary Services.  We can work together well with these resources to enhance your pets recovery.