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Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital

home.jpgWhere can you find a concerned staff caring for your pet in a modern, state-of-the-art setting providing the most up-to-date options in companion animal medicine? - A place where the focus is on providing the best but also listening to you and your concerns? - Where you can expect quick appointment scheduling, and if there is a wait, you will be notified? - Where you will receive whatever time is necessary to resolve your pet's problem?

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Phone: (614) 861-1700
Fax: (614) 861-7460


We would like to welcome you to our web site. Our hope is to provide an extension of our practice onto the Web to educate, advise and even entertain our clients and visitors. We hope to provide information in depth when we are not available, and let prospective clients have a feel for what we are all about. To that end the site will always be changing, growing and meeting the needs of our pet owners as we all get familiar with what this resource called the internet can really do!


Under this heading you will find changing information about recent events in our practice. New equipment and therapies, recent interesting cases, and even client alerts about recent advances or disease threats to our patients.


We have had digital dental radiography for some time, but recently upgraded to completely digital radiography with the acquisition of a CDR Minolta system.  This reduces staff exposure by minimizing retakes and stops our use of silver containing film and the chemistry necessary to produce images.  We can now submit films for specialty interpretation immediately over the internet and can even burn a CD copy for referral purposes.


Gastropexy is a preventive procedure for large breed dogs prone to Gastric Dilatation Vovulus Syndrome, a potentially life threatening condition.  Our laparoscopic procedure allows less pain and quicker recovery, see inside for more details.


We are proud to announce the acquisition of a Class 4 Therapy Laser for treatment of Arthritis, Wound Healing and other inflammatory conditions.


Dr. White is now offering fish and pond medicine and consultations. This is a relatively new and exciting area of practice. Tropical fish and marine aquariums, gold fish and koi ponds, even aquaculture sites may benefit from the professional services we offer. The time available for pond/site visits is limited so call ahead. We do many in-hospital procedures like sedation and diagnostics to anesthesia and surgery. We have the Reynoldsburg, State of Ohio, Dept. of Agriculture, Animal Disease and Diagnostics Laboratory close by for our reference lab.


We have recently been inspected by the AAHA and passed with flying colors to renew our accreditation. This is a voluntary program that involves a rigorous set of standarts and goals. For more information you can go to the AAHA website: www.aahanet.org


This listing gives general categories of service and specific examples. Our hours can also be found under this listing.


Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital opened on April 30, 1989, as a small animal practice dedicated to providing quality medicine to our clientele in a setting that was comfortable for our doctors and staff, our clients, and most of all, our patients.

Here you will find information about the mission of our practice, its origin, and a little about our doctors and staff.

At Indian Creek, 
we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital  

295 Lancaster Ave.

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


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