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New Equipment

 Digital Radiography

This addition has made our staff's lives so much easier.   We no longer have to process radiographs by hand in a dark room, exposing ourselves to chemicals.  We are able to take a radiograph and bring it right up on the computer monitor.   This decreases our staff's exposure to radiation by allowing us to adjust the contrast and color on the computer vs having to re-take another x-ray.  If we need to, we are also able to send the films via e-mail directly to a specialist  which allows for a much faster diagnosis.   As if all that was not enough, it also helps us to be a little "Greener" by not using x-ray film and chemicals.

Laparoscopic Assisted Gastropexy 

Now available at Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital, a new procedure to be done in young large breed dogs to help in preventing a potentially life-threatening condition known as Gastric Dilitation Volvulus, also called Gastric Torsion or in common terms a twisted stomach. This procedure has been done for many years with good results but the traditional approach has involved a larger incision/scar and longer recovery from a significantly more traumatic procedure.

The new approach is similar to the laparoscopic version of gall bladder surgery in people. With this new technology, there is a much smaller surgical incision right at the site of the stomach being tacked to the body wall. A smaller incision can mean less pain, less surgical time, shorter and smoother recovery time.

In short, this technique provides a preventative procedure for a serious large breed dog problem with less pain and surgical insult and quicker recovery over traditional approaches. As for an estimate/consultation with our doctors to see if this is right for your pet. This can also be done at the same time as a spay in females with a reduced cost compared to doing both the procedures separately. Unfortunately, wit the neuter which can be done at the same time, doing both will only result in a slightly less anesthesia time and a more most cost savings.

Therapy Laser

With the addition of the Class 4 Therapy Laser, Indian Creek can now be classified as a complete Laser Center. The Therapy Laser uses dual frequency light beam to penetrate tissues to a depth of about 3 cm. It helps stimulate blood flow and moderates nerve impulses and can affect the inflammatory process. It can be used to treat Arthritis, stimulate healing tissues, post operatively for pain and dysfunction. It also can be used to treat Lick Granulomas, a chronic inflammatory disease most seen in dogs. The initial treatments consit of 6 sessions, each given every 2-3 days. It may decrease the amount of medication needed in chronic conditions and has shown positive effects in nearly 90% of our patients. Various treatment packages are available.

Laser Surgery

This new year marked the addition of Laser Surgery capabilities to our practice.  Though Cutting Edge Lasers we now have a 30 Watt Superpulse Surgical Laser.  This new machine allows less bleeding and pain by sealing small vessels and nerve endings.  This results in less discomfort and less need for heavier doses of pain control and more rapid recovery.  We can do some procedures that were difficult to impossible with cold steel.  We now only do our feline declaws with our laser.

Aquatic Services

We now offer aquarium and pond fish medicine procedures for our clients.  Time availability for site visits to ponds or aquaculture sites is limited and must be scheduled ahead of time.  Diagnostics, therapeutics, water testing, medicine, anesthesia and even surgery are some of the services we provide.

Senior Canine News


Senior dogs have many medications to help if they begin to show the slowing down and stiffening up caused by Arthritis.  They are aspirin-like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications but are actually approved for dogs.  Unlike their over-the-counter older generation products of which aspirin is still safest, these new products have much less chance of side effects and much greater potency for pain relief. There are actually nearly 7 of these that have been approved for canines. The least expensive is Carprofen, the generic form of the original canine NSAID, Rimadyl.  Deramaxx, Rimadyl and Metacam are a few of the brand name products available. Of all the things that help arthritis from a recent study, NSAIDs and exercise rated highest at controlling pain and lameness.  Other drugs like Tramadol and Gabapentin can also be added if the NSAID is not giving sufficient relief.

Senior Nutrition can also help with additives like has glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to repair joint cartilage, L-carnitine to maintain lean body mass and chromium to promote normal glucose metabolism as well as other Senior specific nutrition.  The Glucosamine/ Chondroitin is also available as a capsule which can be a wonderful addition to your chosen NSAID in some pets.  The anti-inflammatory/analgesic controls the symptoms and the nutriceutical improves joint repair.  Omega-3 fatty acids have been found useful in dogs and cats of all ages but especially with seniors they aid in many areas.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Some Senior dogs begin to show mental changes that lead to a less happy life and sometimes strain the bonds with their owners.  These changes have been noticed but until recently veterinarians had to accept them as part of normal aging.  However recent research on Parkinsonism and Alzheimer's disease in Humans has led canine researchers to discover a mechanism for the disease in dogs.  What's more, there now exists medication to help control the process.  The disease is called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome and is caused by changes in the brain chemistry and deposits of inert substances both of which interfere with normal brain function.  There are various meds and nutraceuticals available that help address these issues, but just as in humans, there is no magic bullet.

Flea, Tick & Heartworm Update

This year there are even more choices when it comes to parasite control for your pet.  We will try to summarize your choices by species and parasite to give you a chance to make a reasonable choice.



The choice for control of heartworms includes the oral once monthly products that may have other ingredients or effects on other parasites as well.  Also available are spot-on products that are given topically on the back of the neck or between the shoulder blades.


Flea products start with collars that in addition to adult flea insecticides, have extra growth regulators that sterilize the flea eggs to stop buildup of numbers in the environment.  Spot-on products are very popular and effective.  Then some people prefer oral products that are given monthly, and with a new product once every three months. pets.  


The tick only collars are available.  Then both oral and topical products also address ticks.  



Once monthly oral products are available and spot-on topicals can also be used.


Cat flea collars can be problematic as the older ones show resistance from fleas in their effectiveness. They also have gotten caught where the cat gets it into its mouth and heavy salivation and other reactions are possible. Both topical spot-ons and oral products can be used.


There are topical spot-on products for cats that deal with ticks as well.


Depending on the pet's weight and potential exposure, the cost effectiveness of the different products varies.  The best course is to decide what parasites the pet might likely need protection from, and then look at the product or combination of products that provide that protection.  Then the costs can be quoted to help in the final choice. Existing infestations of fleas can be more quickly controlled by adding additional products.  There are now so many products available that we cannot stock all of them. Once you determine from which parasites your pet needs protection call our office for advice. If we do not stock the products you choose our online may be a good source to obtain them, or if requested, we are happy to write a prescription that can be filled at any regular or online pharmacy.